10 Tenant Apps You Need for Your Office Portfolio

Due to constantly developing tenant and office building needs, the adoption of proptech and technology partnerships has become a necessity in a world adjusting to rapidly evolving work models. Tenant engagement tools — which include mobile landlord apps, tenant communication apps, digital amenities, and more — not only help landlords and property teams bring new life to the overall building experience, but also reinforce a competitive advantage in a shifting industry. Additionally, many proptech companies and tenant apps are available in the market to help establish a more customer-centric model for the commercial real estate (CRE) industry.

Now more than ever, landlords and property teams need to focus on making the employee’s time in the office safer, more efficient, and more valuable in order to attract and retain talent. A critical component in doing this is bridging the gap between the physical office and the digital workplaces in order to create omnichannel office experiences, while also connecting employees in a way that is both engaging and thoughtful. As part of the HqOS operating system, our growing Marketplace of best-in-class technology partners can help aggregate numerous technology solutions for any building in our end-to-end tenant engagement platform. Landlords and property teams can then choose to activate partners and features that meet their building’s specific needs.

Looking for the best app for tenants for your office? In no particular order, here are ten technologies that we guarantee will enhance your tenant experience:


SPACES is transforming how drivers consume parking, as well as the way technology companies partner with the industry by connecting the physical and digital environments. Their contactless access and payment solution allows users to enter, pay, and exit any parking facility from inside their vehicle using their smartphone. This technology suite functions seamlessly with any current or legacy parking equipment, and can be curated to serve any parking environment.


Doordeck unifies all your access control needs. They provide the world’s only SaaS smart access control that is compatible with all major systems. Their solutions include the following: app-less visitor passes; instant, hands-free onboarding; interoperability with existing technology systems; top notch security through GPS Geofencing, IP restriction, and more; faster, touchless unlocking; mobile management; open SKDs and APIs for developers and customization; zero touch entry; and the ability to automate and schedule when doors lock and unlock.


Ridy enables seamless transportation for your tenants with their fully managed shared electric vehicles. Offer your tenants easy access, always-available transportation by adding Ridy’s smart fleet of e-scooters and e-bikes to your suite of amenities. These compact, visually clean electric vehicles serve as a sustainable solution to the parking and congestion challenges of urban office properties.


Mapwize is the Indoor Mapping platform for the creation of new digital services inside buildings and events. Their maps are easy to build and integrate into an office’s wayfinding, workspace management, maintenance, or security applications. Through their integration, you can digitize your blueprints, customize your office map, and visualize what is going on in your assets.


Sharebite is a mission-driven food ordering platform built exclusively for companies. Companies that partner with Sharebite save money, inspire their workforce, support local restaurants, and commit to helping the community. Sharebite is custom-tailored to service companies across verticals, including “Bulge Bracket” Investment banks, Vault 50 Law Firms, Big-4 Accounting Firms, Technology Companies, and more.


Avonow is an online store which brings convenience to companies and employees by offering a huge variety of products with free, same-day delivery on all items, at great prices. Their categories include groceries, personal care, baby products, beverages, alcohol, household, beauty, electronics and much more.


Zuul prioritizes a personalized experience for tenants by elevating their branding and operational needs to create a comprehensive foodservice solution, building true partnerships in the process. To do this, Zuul Market users enjoy features such as white-labeled ordering sites, customer service support, and other creative solutions to provide consistent value to tenants.


Bractlet provides a single software solution to optimize building performance and reduce emissions at scale. Their tiered offerings provide owners and property teams with the flexibility to select the product features and depth of analysis that they need, including benchmarking data, real-time performance analytics, Digital Energy Twin™ building simulation, and more.


R-Zero is the world’s first company dedicated to making the workplace safer through hospital-grade technologies and protocols that fit seamlessly into businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their technology uses UV-C lighting to kill bacteria, viruses, molds, and other human pathogens to leave your space clinically clean.


MOBLZ is the only Mobile Vendor Relationship Management (MVRM) platform that functions as a vendor certification, reservation, and management system for office parks and business campuses. It has been carefully designed to optimize the commercial interests of property and facility managers, mobile vendors, and the consumer (the building occupant).

The easiest way to guarantee success with so many tenant apps and technologies in the market is by investing in a full tenant engagement platform, such as the HqOS™ operating system for commercial office buildings. Our platform approach goes beyond an individual tenant engagement app to open up a world of possibilities for the modernization of office buildings. Not only can such an end-to-end solution improve upon workplace environments and make them more desirable for building occupants, but it can also resolve the issue of fragmentation while quickly addressing changing needs in an ever-complex technology landscape.

To discover more of our tenant experience apps, check out our Marketplace or schedule a demo of our HqOS™ operating system today.

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