Rethinking Urban Transportation

A mission of mobility and sustainability

We’re on a mission to change the way people move – from work to home and everywhere in between. We are a sustainable micro-mobility company that’s making an impact in our communities and building the future we want to live in.

What we stand for

We started Ridy to be part of the change, part of the green revolution that’s taking our cities by storm. We knew the old model was broken, and that it was up to our generation to start taking big strides. We’re a diverse team of tech enthusiasts and transportation pros who are putting our skills, our hearts, and our energy into the cause – making cities more sustainable. Though we tap into university backed research and our Silicon Valley startup chops, we’re not entirely straitlaced. We nerd out over AI, robots, and self driving cars. We run, hike, and cultivate exotic plants. And of course, we love scooters and bikes because they’re sustainable, but also because they’re fun.

Meet the team

Guru Medasani

Founder & CEO

A forward thinking technologist with roots in India and a career built in Silicon Valley, Guru is passionate about solving problems plaguing this planet. From his student solution to turn recyclable materials into durable roads, to his inspiration to bring the convenience of scooter shares to residential communities, he’s an advocate for the planet and a greener way of life.

Guru moved to the states at age 22 to pursue his Masters in Electrical Engineering, and believes that technology can transform lives. He’s passionate about the tech powering self-driving cars and AI applications that optimize healthcare systems and intelligently fight disease. You can find the proud husband and father running the streets of Chicago when he’s not spending time with his family or zipping to and from work on an smart e-scooters, e-bikes and pedal bikes.

Michael Rubino


A Chicago native, Michael is a dedicated micromobility advocate that consulted leading micromobility companies including Lyft & Lime. He's an honors alum from Northwestern University, and a Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar.

After consulting with one of the largest energy companies in the US, leading micromobility companies, and Chicago transportation officials, Michael turned to RIDY, equipped with his expertise from the previous years, to build on Ridy's mission to bring sustainable transportation to the built environment.

A son of two immigrants parents raised on the Southwest side of Chicago, Michael now lives in Lakeview and spends free time golfing along the lake, walking his corgi Walter, and photographing Chicago's architecture.

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