Partner with us to bring eco-friendly electric scooters and bikes to your community or campus.

A modern micro-mobility amenity tailor-fit
to your property.

At Ridy, we’re passionate about finding customized transportation solutions for properties big and small. From blue chip developers to owner operated complexes, we work hand in hand with our clients to create the perfect amenity for their community’s needs.

Multi-Family Residential Communities

Increase the experience zone and maintain an edge in the amenity war with our green transportation solution. By working with Ridy, you’ll reduce traffic congestion and pollution in your city while decreasing demand for on-site parking.

Residents will appreciate the ease of having a clean, private fleet at their fingertips instead of relying on unpredictable and potentially unsafe public scooter shares.

Elevate your property with smart e-scooters, e-bikes and pedal bikes

Resident & Tenant Perks

Independence at the
touch of a button.

Community Value

A stress-free amenity.

Office Buildings & Corporate Campuses

Improve employee happiness and tenant satisfaction with Ridy in your corner. We understand startup culture, and know that every perk adds up to a more efficient workforce.

Having a top of the line electric scooter within reach means team members can connect with public transportation, go to appointments, grab coffee or lunch off campus, or simply take a spin around the block between meetings.

Off-Campus Student Living Facilities

Enable a convenient and affordable car-free lifestyle while creating a more inviting community. Mobility is key for student residents, and Ridy makes it simple to shop, connect with friends, and roll into class on time.

Electric scooters are ideal for international students and riders without a driver’s license, and our sleek charging stations keep your common areas looking sharp.

Trusted by the Most Innovative Companies

We partner with owners, operators, and employers across the globe to provide successful, personalized, and scalable solutions that differentiate them from the competition.

Want Ridy for your community?

Start a conversation with our team to bring this fun and functional resident amenity to your property. Tell us more about your building size and transportation goals, and we’ll create a customized proposal that meets your community’s needs.