Electric micromobility where we live, work, stay, or park

Ridy enables seamless transportation for your tenants with our fully managed shared electric vehicles.

Smart transportation for sustainable communities

Give your residents and tenants an amenity
they deserve and love.

Offer your tenants easy access, always available transportation by adding Ridy’s smart fleet of e-scooters and e-bikes to your suite of amenities. These compact, visually clean electric vehicles serve as a sustainable solution to the parking and congestion challenges of urban housing and office properties.

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Kayte NewYork City, New York

"It is few and far between to have a partner who takes full ownership of a project, delivers, and provides excellent support moving forward. A lot of the answers Ridy offered were the right ones up front. They understand the needs of a commercial user. Excellent all around. The quality is inline with an A class commercial property and enhances the visual impact of our asset. Our tenants use the scooters for a variety of purposes – running to a meeting, picking up lunch, or simply joyriding for a mental minute. Having access to transportation that can help tenants achieve a variety of tasks, we believe increases overall engagement at the office."

Melissa Los Angeles, California

"Our experience with Ridy and their team has been exceptional. We appreciate the details and communication that was involved for the duration of the project. An added touch is the involvement in their outreach to the community post-installation. Setup is very professional, sleek, modern, and it ties in well with the branding to the community. I love the aesthetics it brings to the campus. We were originally worried with the size and placement, but with a little creativity on placement it really adds a great touch to the exterior look of the campus. This is a huge component to our wellness program that we have at the campus. The added benefits of wellness as well as the positive impact to the environment greatly impacts our tenants and the community as it brings awareness to sustainability, health, and wellness."

Catherine Chicago, IL

"The RIDY team has been wonderful to work with from the onset. They are very engaged in providing the best experiences not only for the client but also for our tenants. I am especially happy with the reporting system. The e-scooters are top of the line and strategically placed for optimal use. The branded helmets are a very nice touch as well. The tenants and staff at the building absolutely LOVE the e-scooters. Taking a quick ride around the area on lunch or break, getting out in the fresh air, helps to refresh their day. Happy Tenant = Happy Building!"

Stephanie Indianapolis, IN

"Our experience from day one with Ridy has been wonderful. They provide unmatched customer service and ongoing maintenance/support for the bike and scooter share program at our commercial office park. Ridy provides durable yet aesthetically pleasing stations/scooters/bikes. Working with them to incorporate custom branding was simple and very impactful. Ridy was a game changer at Lakefront at Keystone. Our tenants and association members love the scooter/bike program. It provides a unique opportunity to spend more time outside exploring our beautiful campus."

Yingzhe Santa Clara, CA

"I’m very supportive of this environmentally friendly program. For a residents’ short trip needs, RIDY has been very helpful."

Tina Los Angeles, CA

"I use these bikes at least a couple of times a week. It's so convenient for me whenever I need to leave my apartment."

Harriet Burlingame, CA

"As more buildings pop up in the area, Ridy would be great for all of Burlingame. I enjoy Ridy at Anson. It’s valuable and a fun way to get around. I take it to the tennis courts and parks and downtown and restaurants. This is really helpful for cutting down Burlingame car traffic."

Irving Los Angeles, CA

"My wife and I use these bikes all the time. We go to the mall and head to dinner with them."

Jamie Chicago, IL

"I am enjoying the Ridy product and service, as it is a huge perk that truly provides an incredible experience and ability to explore areas of the city beyond the few blocks that are within walking distance of the office."

Levi Chicago, IL

"These scooters have been very helpful. I always try and go out with my work colleagues to lunch or a cafe. I love that these are only ours."

Christian Los Angeles, CA

"I started working at Brea Place Campus at the end of 2020. When I found out this is an amenity for us recently, I was excited. It's a really active way to get around the area and plan to use it a lot."

Sam M.

"Our community loves Ridy scooters as we are able to feature a unique, branded, and fun amenity to our residents. The Ridy scooters are the first amenity visible to residents and prospects as you walk in our front door."

Samantha E.

" Early morning workouts seemed impossible since I am always running 5 minutes behind. When I moved into Milieu and had access to their personal fleet of Ridy scooters all of that changed. They make it so easy to get to all my favorite studios and the best part is that I don't have to worry about it not being there when I leave. Ridy scooters also made checking out all of the other neighborhoods such a fun and easy twist to our normal date nights. "

Kelly H.

"RIDY adds a highly valuable amenity for residents at our property. Having dedicated scooters on-site not only provides a fun way to get around the city, it’s also practical for the eco-conscious commuter. RIDY has a great staff too! They take care of everything from start to finish, from branding, to setup, to on-going maintenance. Thank you RIDY!"

    Your green transportation partner

    Why offices and apartments need Ridy

    Help your residents & tenants travel easily.

    Give your residents and tenants the freedom and flexibility to connect, commute, and explore their city with ease. They’ll appreciate the simplicity of having a clean, private fleet at their fingertips instead of relying on unpredictable and potentially unsafe public scooter shares.

    Show your commitment to the planet.

    Reduce your building’s carbon footprint and empower residents and tenants to take part in the electric vehicle movement with Ridy. Show your commitment to socially and environmentally conscious solutions while reaching your company’s sustainability goals.

    Make your residents & tenants happy.

    Create a healthy, thriving community within your building and the surrounding neighborhood. The city itself is an amenity, and offering easier access to shops, restaurants, and public open space builds bonds and adds to tenant satisfaction.

    Stand apart from competition.

    Attract active families and wellness minded professionals with premium e-scooters branded for your property. They’re fun to ride, and can reinforce marketing efforts focused on healthy lifestyles, car-free living, and green building initiatives.

    Effortlessly add an amenity.

    Meet the needs of your residents and tenants without the headache of managing an additional amenity. We handle installation, repair, and customer support as well as locks, helmets, and charging stations. We’re your partner every step of the way.

    Meet your city’s sustainability requirements.

    Work side by side with city programs to cut greenhouse gases, mitigate congestion, and comply with local Transportation Demand Management (TDM) ordinances. With Ridy, you’ll be joining fellow climate action stakeholders in making positive change and potentially earning financial incentives.

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