Thanking COVID-19 Frontline Heroes

Many of us did not predict the devastating toll this pandemic would bring on peoples’ health, families, and livelihoods.  But during this crisis, we also saw many real heroes emerge. Our healthcare workers, public safety workers, first responders, and law enforcement workers are putting their lives in danger daily to keep us safe. At Ridy, we are truly inspired by these heroes and would like to show our gratitude to all of our frontline workers for their selflessness and courage.

The recent surge in the usage of e-scooters and e-bikes has shown that more and more people are looking for safe ways to travel around the city and practicing physical distancing by avoiding crowded buses, trains, or ride-sharing solutions.  As the leading provider of private electric scooters and bikes for residential and office communities, Ridy wants to make sure that our frontline COVID heroes can also benefit from this new and safe mode of transportation as the cities start to reopen.

Ridy is proud to offer unlimited free rides to our healthcare, public safety, and law enforcement workers with access to the communities we serve, with an extended timeframe till June 30th.  Currently this applies to all the properties we serve and the new properties we are adding. Please use the following link to sign up.

Ridy’s e-scooter and e-bike amenity is available to residential and office communities, to help residents and tenants commute to work, run errands, and explore neighborhoods using electric vehicles that reduce pollution and improve city traffic.  Our fleet of e-bikes and e-scooters are equipped with locks and helmets to ensure the highest level of safety for users. We also install beautifully-designed scooter/bike charging stations in property common areas so Ridy scooters are always within reach for the next rider.

At Ridy, we love talking to property owners/managers and learning about each location’s unique transportation needs. If you are interested in bringing Ridy solutions to your property to help your residents and tenants safely move in the city while practicing physical distancing, please reach us at

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